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Advanced Orthodontic Treatment In Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks & Moorpark

Newbury Park Orthodontics is dedicated to delivering the most state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment options available to the Newbury Park and Thousand Oaks, CA area. That’s why we are proud to use the iTero® digital impression system, by Align Technology. This innovative approach to dental imaging allows us to meet your orthodontic needs with greater efficiency and patient comfort. Learn more about the benefits of using iTero below!

Why iTero

Traditionally, to obtain an impression of patient’s teeth and bite, an orthodontist would need to take physical impressions using putty. This putty is often inaccurate, translating into greater costs and treatment time for patients. Even worse, this putty can make patients gag due to its taste and the duration it has to stay in the mouth. That’s why Dr. Hoffman and his talented staff are happy to offer a more efficient, effective and comfortable alternative to our patients in the Newbury Park and Thousand Oaks, CA area, iTero digital scanner. This scanner eliminates the inaccuracies and uncomfortable nature of using putty impressions, it also improves our ability to meet your needs as a patient. Benefits of using the iTero digital scanner are:

  • Efficiency: By increasing accuracy, and eliminating the use of putty, patients using iTero require less time in the treatment chair
  • Accuracy: Using digital imaging, the iTero scanner captures dental impressions with a higher degree of accuracy than other methods.
  • Comfort: Taking digital images is much less invasive.
  • Customization: Digital images allow for the use of computer programs to plan treatment and creation of dental trays custom made to fit the needs and desires of each patient.
  • Visualization: Computer software can take your digital images and show you how orthodontic therapy will affect your smile, and allows us to show your progression throughout treatment.

How Does it Work?

The iTero digital scanner generates three-dimensional (3-D) digital images of your teeth and bite. Using these digital images Dr. Hoffman can craft an effective and efficient course of treatment to meet your personal orthodontic needs. The iTero digital scanner is beneficial in all of Newbury Park Orthodontics treatments.

  • Braces: Once the iTero scanner obtains the digital images of your mouth and bite, it allows Dr. Hoffman to analyze and study the teeth and shape of the mouth using 3-D graphics, which produce more accuracy and clarity to develop the treatment plan.
  • Invisalign: By capturing digital images instead of physical, putty impressions, Invisalign treatment plans are posted 50% faster! With higher accuracy of the iTero scanner, 7 times fewer aligner fit issues occur over the course of Invisalign treatment.

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